The History of Park Hill Baptist Church

On January 25, 1953, the Park Hill Baptist Church was organized in an old store building on the corner of 25th and Pine Streets.
In the beginning Park Hill Church organized from a little church called Social Hill. They were making plans for a new church in a better location. A survey was made and the Park Hill area was considered. A tent revival was held where the Virgil Tull home is located. A vacant lot where the parsonage was located was bought for $300 in 1951.

Later, whenever Social Hill Church was almost disbanded, Guy and J.R. Francis and the late Dee Pollard went to see Bro. Stanley Cooper, pastor of the Second Baptist Church, to investigate the possibility of sponsoring them as a mission.

The Social Hill Baptist Church had $500 given to them in memory of Eddie Howard by his parents. Eddie, a member of the church, was killed in an automobile accident.

The $500, Social Hill’s building, land, and vacant lot at Park Hill, were offered from Second Baptist Church to do whatever it felt led to do toward starting a mission.

At this time the little dwelling at 26th and Pine was for sale. This building was at one time a grocery store. The Second Baptist Church sold the vacant lot and the Social Hill property and bought this property and started a mission in June, 1952, with Harold Carter as pastor.

After the organization of the church, a revival was held, and by February 4, 1953, there were 48 charter members. Sunday School was organized with five members present: Mr. and Mrs. Guy Francis, Mrs. Muriel Brown, and Mrs. Webster Teague. Mr. Guy Francis was elected the first Sunday School superintendent, and Mr. Teague was elected first Training Union Director.

Services were held in this house for a good while, but on February 18, 1953, a building plan was presented to the church and accepted. On May 3, 1953, E. N. Conant, Guy Francis, and Ray Hart were ordained as deacons.

Bro. Carter served until August 2, 1953. He was followed by Bro. Marvin L. May, who became pastor September 13, 1953.

On December 9, 1953, the church, with 35 members, voted to borrow money from the Home Mission Board to build. An estimation of $15,000 was made for a new church building. The Home Mission Board was contacted about the loan. They investigated the situation and were well pleased with the location. By several men signing the contract, the 10-year loan was approved.

Ground Breaking Ceremonies were held on January 31, 1954, with 47 attending. Mrs. Webster Teague, president of the WMU, turned over the first shovel of dirt. Bro. May turned the secons, followed by the building committee E. N. Conant, W. J. Hendricks, J. R. Francis, and lastly Dee Pollard.