“Growing students in Christ through personal relationships with Him and His creation”

We are a ministry of Park Hill Baptist Church that reaches out to middle school and high school students. Our goal is to reach students and grow them in Christ through personal relationships with Him and His creation. Many ways that we do this is through corporate worship services on Sunday mornings with the entire body of the church, and on Wednesday nights with a worship service just for students. We also have small groups for the students to get plugged in better with more personal relationships with each other and with their leaders. These small groups happen on Sunday mornings in Sunday School, and on Sunday nights with a more in depth Bible study. We also have a brief time on Wednesday nights for small groups.

IMG_0030 copy 2    Paul Nichols – Youth Pastor

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What’s the good word?

This section is dedicated to be a snapshot of whats happening with the youth at PHBC

During the Sunday School hour we are going through THE GOSPEL PROJECT – STUDENT EDITION. Luke is leading out on this study. We are in quarter 1 studying creation. The girls Sunday School class led by Tammy is doing a study through the names of God but will be moving to the Gospel Project study next quarter. The Gospel Project is being used in other departments at PHBC bringing solidarity to what is being taught across the board.

Wednesday nights this fall semester will be continuing our theme of OWNING YOUR FAITH.  Our current study is looking at the various names and titles we inherit as Christians. We are challenging students to OWN who they are in Christ and to live it out in the world! We have studied that we were LOST but now we are a NEW CREATION in Christ. We discovered that in Christ we are a part of the PRIESTHOOD OF BELIEVERS. Other titles we have studied or will study include DISCIPLE, ADVOCATE, AMBASSADOR, ADOPTED and MISSIONARY.

On Sunday Nights we are reading through and studying MERE CHRISTIANITY by C.S. Lewis. Our focus is to learn about apologetics, logic and philosophy as way to understand our faith and share it with others.




We want the youth to be ROOTED in the love Christ before anything else! After being ROOTED in God’s love and starting to understand just how amazing that love is (see Eph 3:17-19: our theme verse) the natural outflow of that will be worship, discipleship and spiritual growth!

FALL Events:

  1. SYATP – 9/23
  2. Field of Faith – 10/14
  3. Reformation Day Party – 10/28
  4. Christmas Party – 12/16

For more information on each event please visit our Policy and Forms page.  http://www.parkhillbaptist.com/policies-and-forms



Sunday School- 9:15 a.m. at the church
Worship Service: 10:30 a.m. at the church
Sunday Night Bible Study: 6:00-7:30 at the church



ROOTED – Youth Ministry : 6:00-7:30 p.m. at the church




Nursing Home Ministry: 3:30 – 4:30! Come BE the church! Don’t just go to church!

Wednesday Nights



Praise and Worship

Contemporary praise and worship with a live praise band! Our intern team helps lead worship along with our students!


Preaching and Teaching of the Word

Bible centered, exegetical preaching done with purposeful and usable life application. This can range from a prebuilt DVD series through a topical study to a series written by Paul specifically for the youth at Park Hill with the occasional non series exegetical sermon thrown in. Studies done in the past include…

  • Testimony (SYATP, Fields of Faith) 10/12
  • “Surrender” by Francis Chan 11/12
  • The Real Christmas Story by Paul Nichols 12/12
  • BREAKOUT! (Ruth, Holy Spirit, Men’s Dating, Girl’s Dating) 2/13-4/13
  • “Follow Me” by David Platt 5/13-6/13
  • Misconceptions  7/17/13 – 10/16/13
    • Week 1: “Judgement” by Paul Nichols
    • Week 2: “Homosexuality” by Heather Francis
    • Week 3: “Christ > Religion” by Austin Roberts
    • Week 4: “Church People pt 1” by Austin Roberts
    • Week 5: “Church People pt 2” by Paul Nichols
    • Week 6: “Death” by Heather Francis
    • Week 7: “Tweetable Verses – Jer 29:11” by Paul Nichols
    • Week 8: “Tweetable Verses – Phil 4:13” by Paul Nichols
    • Week 9: “Is Christianity too Narrow?” by Heather Francis
    • Week 10: “Baptism and the Spirit” by Paul Nichols
    • Week 11: “The Power of Words” by Kaylee Cragg
    • Week 12: “The Prosperity Gospel” by Paul Nichols
  • Why Are We Here? 11/6 – 11/20
    • Week 1: “Ecclesiastes” by Paul Nichols
    • Week 2: “Missions” by Austin Roberts
    • Week 3: “Worship” by Jacob Roberson
  • BREAKOUT! (Parables, Spiritual Gifts, World Religion, Witness Training) 1/15/14-3/12/14
  • Messiah in the Passover by Paul Nichols 4/16/14
  • MISSIONS 101 – Theology, Spiritual Formation & Evangelism Training 5/14
  • Thematics – Exploring Major Bible Themes 8/15-10/15
    • The Lion
    • The Lamb
    • Light and Dark
    • Bread and Water
    • Heirs
  • Apologetics 10/15-12/15
    • The Bible
    • Logic
    • Science
  • Prayer with Francis Chan 1/15
  • Breakouts 2/15-5/15
    • Holy Spirit
    • Greatest Question Ever Asked
    • Authentic Jesus
    • Book of Titus
  • Identity in Christ 8/15 – 10/15
    • Lost
    • New Creation
    • Priesthood
    • Disciple
    • Ambassador, Advocate, Adopted
Discipleship Teams (D-TEAMS)

Small groups and leader gather to discuss life and pray for one another in a follow up discussion to the lesson and the worship each Wednesday night. This is the time to take a deeper look at what has been taught and to work through personal application.

    • High School Girls – Addie Mathews
    • High School Boys – Jacob Roberson
    • Middle School Girls – Madison Foster
    • Middle School Boys – John Doss