Youth Pastor Search

Park Hill is currently taking applications for our next pastor of youth discipleship.  On this page, you can find more information about the church and city of Arkadelphia.

Park Hill Baptist Church: An Introduction

“Park Hill exists to glorify God by every member sharing the gospel, and making disciples, in every walk of life.”  More than a mission or vision, this is the articulation of the type of church family Park Hill is continually seeking to become. Far from complete, Park Hill’s development is on-going. Currently, the church is seeking a dynamic Student Pastor who can embrace and partner with us in our mission. We are seeking a student pastor who has a heart for all people – particularly students and families, as well as the churched and the unchurched. Our student pastor must not only have a heart for missions, but also a commitment to discipleship.

In the spring of 2013, Park Hill celebrated its 60th anniversary. Started as a mission church by a sister congregation in its hometown of Arkadelphia, Arkansas, Park Hill was blessed with faithful members who sought to serve God through the local church. Park Hill grew quickly in its early days both in membership and dwellings. Over the years, many of the faithful families instrumental in Park Hill’s early growth remained active and involved in Park Hill’s development. Now, 68 years after its organization, Park Hill remains a vibrant church family. Currently, there are 330 members on our resident role, and we have an average Sunday worship attendance of about 230.

Attendance fluctuates dramatically with the school year because Park Hill is located in a college town, which is home to more than 5,000 Henderson State University and Ouachita Baptist University students. College students make up approximately 20 percent of Park Hill’s average school-year attendance, and ministry to college students has long been a vital area of concern for Park Hill. It is also an area with continued potential as the church seeks ways to pour into the lives of these students who will one day leave Arkadelphia and spread out around the world. 

In addition to college students, Park Hill is made up primarily of families with younger children, a growing youth group, and a devoted group of “young at heart” members. The church hopes to grow and change in ways that will allow it to reach out and minister to people of more diverse backgrounds. In addition, the congregation wishes to serve the local community in meaningful ways that honor the Lord. It also hopes to grow its emphasis on global missions. Currently, there are a number of activities that emphasize both local outreach and global missions, but members seek opportunities for greater depth in service to people who are very close to us as well as those who are far away. 

Park Hill’s worship style can be described as “blended” with both traditional and contemporary musical themes. The church features a wide swath of generations, but all seem willing and eager to engage in genuine worship regardless of the particular style. Generational separation (caused not by conflict but by logistics) is one of the challenges the church is working through with people of all ages expressing a desire for deepening relationships with those outside their particular age bracket.

Park Hill is a church that some have described as “sweet” or “friendly” or “welcoming.” We hope that we can be more than that; we hope and pray to become a church that can feel like home and can offer community to anyone. We hope that we won’t wait for people to find us, but that we will reach out to meet them at their point of need. We hope that all who come feel the love of Christ extended to them and will accept Christ’s gift of salvation and grow in their relationship with God. We hope that, as C. S. Lewis said, we recognize the responsibility for “the load, or weight, or burden of (our) neighbor’s glory.” Out of this love for others, it is our desire that many would come into fellowship, and that they will be challenged to pursue God’s will: to “be joyful always; pray continually; (and) give thanks in all circumstances.” It is our desire to be a genuine Christian community serving the Lord as brothers and sisters in Christ.


The Arkadelphia Community

Park Hill is situated in a community rich with opportunities for outreach but also filled with possibilities for enriched family experiences. Located in southwest Arkansas, approximately one hour from Little Rock on Interstate-30, Arkadelphia is a small town with a population of approximately 10,000 (+ the colleges). Because it is located in an appealing area for tourists interested in outdoor adventures, there are many visitors to Arkadelphia, particularly during the summer months. In addition, the cultural offerings provided by the colleges make Arkadelphia exceptional when it comes to rural towns in the south. From theatrical productions to orchestra concerts and art shows, there are literally hundreds of events offered each year. In addition, families with children will find opportunities for every sort of music, art, or sports activity imaginable. From dancing to diving, basketball to tennis, painting to scouting, Arkadelphia offers just about anything children and teens might find appealing. Those interested in hunting, fishing, camping, biking, or hiking will find trails, streams, lakes, rivers, and deer camps in every direction.  While Arkadelphia is a small town, the issue is not finding something to do; it is deciding what not to do because there are so many options. As the city’s motto reads, “Arkadelphia is a great place to call home.”

For some residents, though, difficult circumstances make life here less than ideal. Many residents live on very little. There is a high rate of poverty in the area with 50 percent of school children qualifying for free and reduced lunches. Churches in the area seek to provide relief to the physical needs felt by many, but there is much more to be done.

In recent years, Arkadelphia has taken steps and made progress toward growth in economic development. In addition, the Arkadelphia Promise scholarship program was established in order to help more of the city’s high school graduates continue their educations after high school. These efforts will take time to come to fruition, but many feel grateful to live in a community that is seeking to grow economic opportunities and help young people obtain the skills needed to make their living.

Park Hill is seeking ways to provide relief and show love to those in the Arkadelphia community. The church is giving and willing to reach out, but members recognize the need to be intentional, cooperative, and most of all prayerful in its efforts. We hope to find ways to go beyond the church walls in more significant ways to spread the love of Christ to those in this community. In church-wide conversations that took place at the beginning of the pastor-search process, many spoke up about their desire to do more to serve and reach out to the mission field that surrounds Park Hill. Small steps have been taken in this direction, and it seems that there are many willing hearts and hands that desire to be a part of serving the needs of others and sharing the gospel of Christ.

In summary, Arkadelphia is “a great place to call home.” It is also a place rich with opportunity for ministry. Park Hill hopes to serve the needs of those who surround us in the way God ordains and to grow as a community of worshippers seeking to make, mature, and mobilize disciples of Jesus Christ.