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Interning at Park Hill is a great opportunity to serve within the church while learning the “ins-and-outs” of ministry life. This internship is designed for people who are called by God into ministry in a local church. This internship is a minimum of a one-year commitment. During your time as an intern, you will be required to serve the church each Wednesday night in one area of ministry (children, youth, pastoral, or college). Along with your weekly service, you will meet bi-weekly with a staff member to discuss topics relating to pastoral responsibilities and roles along with topics on how to run a church (see the “Topics of Discussion” section). Interning at Park Hill will allow you to see firsthand the daily life of church leaders and become familiar with all roles of ministry within the church.
Roles and Responsibilities of an intern: 
-Interns will serve in at least one ministry of the church. (children, youth, pastoral, college)
-Interns will meet bi-weekly at a designated time with a PHBC staff member to learn about an aspect of ministry.
-Interns will be expected to be at Sunday morning services each week. 
-Interns will be required to have a good relationship both with students, their college, and the city of Arkadelphia. 

If you're interested in becoming an intern, download and fill out the application below and return it to Pastor Joseph or email it to

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