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At Park Hill, we believe that life is better together. We believe that if you have been actively attending for while, that church membership is your next step. By joining the church you are publicly stating that you are a follower of Jesus, that you have been baptized as a sign of obedience to Him, and that you are wanting to go through life together with the other members of the church.


As a member you will be encouraged and challenged in your faith journey while at the same time providing that same encouragement and challenge to others.


Joining is a simple process - simply come forward during a Sunday service during the response time and let our pastor know you would like to join. We would encourage you to fill out the form below to make the process as simple as possible.


Membership is open to anyone who is a follower of Jesus who has been baptized by immersion. However, there are 3 distinct ways or manners of joining:


By baptism - If you are a follower of Jesus, but have not been baptized, you would join "by baptism" following your baptism during a Sunday service.


By letter - If you are a member of a different church and would like to transfer your membership to Park Hill


By statement - If you are a follower of Jesus who has been baptized but do not have membership elsewhere, or are unsure about your previous church membership, you would join "by statement". Simply meaning, you are stating that you are a follower of Jesus and have been baptized.

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